I hope this silly puparama brings a little smile to you, as I am having a doggone good time creating it. β€” Bridget



To all that dig the dog doodles within, greetings.

Rare is the day that a dog guy like me comes across an artist that can capture the essence of all things canine. The joy, the goofiness, the silliness and the sweetness of dogs is what keeps us coming back for more. And, quite by accident, I stumbled upon someone who does, and has, captured that very spirit in whimsical watercolors.

That is pretty cool. 

Hailing from New York City by way of Parsons School of Design, Bridget Means has been a graphic designer for more than a quarter century, many of those years focused on products for dogs and their people. Then, for the sheer fun of it, she started posting her unique paintings of dogs as a breed alphabet on Instagram and in no time she had a dedicated following of dog lovers who have seen what I have seen... the joyous, goofy, silly sweetness that is dog.

She has fans in many corners of the world, and has decided that the time is right to realize her dream of running her own online shop. There is something for everyone in there, and more coming soon. 

She also offers limited spots to draw your dog...or cat, goat, rabbit, what have you. Look at her custom shop to discover more. I did, and I am not sorry. If she can make my bulldog, who is more or less a warthog in a teddy bear suit (or a rump roast with lips, take your pick), seem silly and cute at the same time, that says something. 

Bridget now lives in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina with two cats, a husband, and hundreds of doodle dogs. She loves what she does and hopes you do, too. 

β€” Farley Cooper

Dog guy